We …

We …

Who is behind CulFjäll and what does the name mean?

At our place live to breeds Alaskan Husky and Danish Swedish Farm Dog

And for both breeds we have two different kennel names:

Alaskan Husky                               -> Cultum 64° Nord

Danish Swedish Farmdog  -> Fjällvinds (FCI Dansk Svensk Gårdshund)

This is what our company name CulFjäll is made up of and this is the name we use for our company CulFjäll AB, based in Sweden.

We, that is Walter and Petra, and we’ve been living in Sweden with our dogs since january 2014, in the middle of the Swedish wilderness. What connects us is the love for our children, our dogs, the nature, freedom, the ambition to create something, but also to experience new adventures!



We both have extensive and many years of experience in the field of IT consulting, especially in the field of SAP. This is also a part of us that I would never want to miss. Petra has always been enthusiastic about progress and technology. Professionally, this was particularly evident in information technology, privately especially with cars. Together we took part in many rallies in the Austrian championship for 12 years.

When Petras first husky “Keesha” moved in 2010 something started to change for her. It didn’t take a long time for the second husky “Ylvie” to follow and many more moved in with us . 🙂

And again the ambition for competitions got in touch with us again. The first sled dog races in Sweden for us started 2015/2016.

While Walter was able to gain experience with huskies many years before Petra, she still had some catching up to do. Petra was so fascinated by the performance of the dogs and their character that she wanted to capture the entirety of these creatures.

In the beginning, the interest was mainly in the topics of nutrition (favorite topic) and pack management.

As a result, she ended up in a multi-year Swedish training course “Professional dog trainer and dog psychologist” and the diploma was presented to her in 2020. At the same time, Petra took part in training courses for health care, personal trainer for dogs, nutritional advice and naturopatie for dogs. The more she learned, the more she wanted to know. In the spring of 2022 she also received the diploma as a DOGA Coach. Which is an enormous support, especially in the field of dog psychology.

We have been successful breeders for Alaskan Husky for many years and since 2021 we have been the official FCI breeder in Sweden for Danish Swedish Farm Dogs (Dansk Svensk Gårdshund). In order to meet this requirement, we have dealt intensively with the topic of dog mom and puppies. Here, too, we had the opportunity to expand our Know-How in the course of the dog trainer training, but also through small seminars.

In addition, we have been renting out our farmhouse to guests for a few years. This historic house is being renovated step by step. We try to keep the original style as good as possible. Our guests are also welcome to take part in tours with our sled dogs or snow scooters.

Overall, we live a very simple standard of living here on our farm. We try to behave as respectfully as possible in nature. And the nature, the vastness and the freedom, that is the luxury for us that we value so much here in Sweden.