Walter and Petra

Our Farm is located in the north of the middle of Sweden, surrounded of endless forests, lakes and rivers, close to the "Fjäll" and the border to Norway in Jämtlands County. We are an Austrian Couple and we live here in the middle of the wilderness, since January 2014 with our animals.

It is all about the dogs

We live with about 30 Huskies and 2 Danish-Swedish Farmdogs. In the winter time we are a lot outside with our sleddogs to enjoy together the swedish nature on the sled. 

Our Dogs

Andy the Cat

Andy moved with us from Austria to Sweden and he is the darling of our guests. 

Our chicken ladies

What an enrichment that we have these ladies with us at the farm.



Nothing better than to relax in the nature, to breathe and enjoy.  



 Wilderness Road

There is pretty much to discover along this road which starts from Strömsund, this is just a little summary what is possible. We help our guests with all the informations they need for these amazing trips.

* Hällingsåfallet
* Naturutställning, Gäddede Turistinformation
* Lekpark/Fotbollsplan i Jormvattnet
* Gårdsmuséet i Jormlien
* Brakkåfallet
* Ankarede kyrkstad
* Lejarfallet
* Bjurälven
* Gaustafallet
* Stekenjokk

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