My name is Haze 6 weeks old and I am looking forward to run with my mum, my 5 siblings and my dad in the winter in the snow ❤️. My parents are Berta and Ted, my dad will go to Femundlopet 2023 in norway this season, my mum finished there already in 2020 as a leaddog. I grew up quite comfortable, it was very relaxed in the belly of my mum. She ran a lot in the beginning and that was quite fun inside. When we landed it was very silent, cosy and warm apart from my mum. I could not see or hear anything but I could feel it. She was very excited every time when one of us came to the world. And I loved the smell and the taste of the milk. In the beginning it was just sleeping, drinking, sleeping,… but the last weeks where so exciting. Our familiy is soooo huge with so many uncles, brothers, sisters, grand-grandfather and -mum, aunts, half-siblings. And we could explore the surrounding with cats, farmdogs (hihi they are almost smaller than us and funny). And there is a huge house, cosy and warm, too, with interesting machines and noices, so many different smells, and the floor is a little bit slippery. But it is ok quite fun. So life is good and exciting, cosy and relaxed, good food, many cuddles, kisses and a lot of love from all. I like it 👌. What will come next?