Danish Swedish Farmdog

Danish Swedish Farmdog

In the summer of 2017 we were looking for a farm dog. And we found a breed unknown to us, well known in Sweden as Dansk-Svensk Gårdshund. A small, lively, intelligent, friendly, healthy and versatile family dog ​​who adapts easily to most situations. A Swedish heritage and the breed is believed to have been around since at least Viking times. His appearance is reminiscent of a terrier, but you can find him under the Schnauzer category. A breed very old and unaffected by intensive breeding and crossing.

In October 2017 the first one moved in with us at the age of 8 weeks, Harley Hercules Held better known as Winston (Churchill).

Walter was skeptical at first, but it didn’t take long for Winston to win his heart completely. No matter what we did, Winston wanted to be there and not just be there, he was wholeheartedly with us, full of energy.

Whether training the Alaskan Huskies or by boat, swimming, diving, hiking, camping. He was not afraid of anything, was very curious. A bundle of energy without end.

A year later, in early summer, 2018, Cissi (Cecilia) moved in with us. A princess and a lot shorter than Winston. But no less adventurous, but much calmer in her way.

Cissi was involved throughout my education as a dog psychologist and professionell dog trainer. Winston also took great care of her, at first we didn’t know if he might be too rude to her, but he absolutely wasn’t. He was very caring.

In autumn 2021 we applied to the Swedish Breeders Association to be accepted as an official breeder for Danish Swedish farm dogs, with the kennel name Fjällvinds.

In April 2021 the first puppies, 3 males and 2 girls, by Cissi and Winston, were born. Since it was the first litter, all 5 puppies were given names starting with the letter A.
Aimo, Artur, Aron, Anna, Abby